Pet Weight loss Program

Food and exercise play a large role in our pet’s overall health.


Pet Weight loss Program & Nutritional Counseling

Food and exercise play a large role in our pet’s overall health. From getting the proper nutrition to avoiding those pesky extra kilos, it can all get a little complicated. The team here at Pets Health is ready to offer our years of experience with effective nutritional counselling so that every client we see can feel confident their pet is in their best condition.

We know it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re faced with the dozens or even hundreds of food choices out there for your pets. And it doesn’t just stop there. How much should your pet be eating based on their activity levels? What exactly does a paleo, grain-free something, or other dog food do for your pet’s health? Instead of leaving it up to the packaging to answer these questions, you can always turn to the experts at Pets Health to help. When it comes to proper nutrition, we can provide the most current and accurate information, recommend a suitable diet, and help you adapt it as your pet ages or develops health conditions throughout their life. All the pet foods our veterinarians recommend have natural ingredients and offer optimal nutrition, which ensures that your pet gets just the right amount of the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy.

Weight Loss Program

If your pet is overweight, we may suggest an effective weight loss program to help relieve the physical stress on their bodies. Just a few kilos on even a large dog’s frame can severely impact their ability to move freely and live without joint pain. With the right kind of food and appropriate exercise, we’ll have your pet back in good shape in no time.

Beyond just their weight, improper nutrition can also affect an animal’s overall health. Some pets have allergies to specific ingredients, making the process of finding just the right food a little bit more difficult. We’re happy to work with you and your pet to make sure their nutrition is optimal for their individual situation.