Pet Surgery

We place the health and safety of your pets first.

Pet Surgery

At Pets Health Veterinary Practices, we place the health and safety of your pets first. This includes providing high-quality, experienced veterinary surgery for both soft tissue and bone-related issues. Our full-service clinic is here for you and your furry companions, offering the kind of care they need to stay happy and healthy by your side. With skilled veterinarians, certified veterinary nurses and state-of-the-art facilities, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands.

Before performing any surgeries, we conduct a series of blood tests to ensure that your pet is in good enough health to be placed under anesthesia. We use a gas anesthetic paired with careful monitoring of an animal’s vital signs throughout the procedure to keep them safe. Once we’re done, we keep your pet with us until they’ve woken up, and we know that it’s safe for them to go home with you. We’ll provide you with detailed notes for after-surgery care and options for pain management or suggestions for physical therapy where needed.

Common Surgeries

One of the most common surgeries we perform in our clinic is animal desexing. Other soft tissue procedures include tumour removal for biopsy and obstruction removal for when your pet swallows something they shouldn’t have. We have skilled veterinarians who can provide orthopedic surgeries to help repair damaged bones or alleviate joint issues as well. We commonly perform complex surgeries, including cruciate repairs to help with an animal’s knee pain and luxating patella treatments that stop floating kneecaps to improve your pet’s quality of life.