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Dogs and moving house

Moving house can be stressful and exhausting not just for humans but dogs as well.

Our four-legged friends don’t understand why their environment is changing and this can be a little upsetting, leading to behavioral problems, such as barking and

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Caring For Your Rabbit

Rabbits are herbivores! Feeding your rabbit an inappropriate diet can become a cause of disease. What do wild rabbits usually eat?  GRASS! Ideally pet rabbits should be fed a diet of hay and fresh vegetables. Access to fresh grass would be best but

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Nutrition: Food For Thought

When it comes to feeding your pet, we know that it can get pretty confusing with the overwhelming number of choices out there. On top of this, pet food companies sometimes complicate things with claims that their food is superior because it is all

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Senior Dental Care

I firmly believe that whether it is an animal or human, age is not a disease. But I get it! Honestly, I do. When facing the news that your older pet requires dental treatment it’s scary. The thought of them undergoing a general anaesthetic at their

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Intestinal Worms

Worms can have serious health effects on your pet, so intestinal worming should never be overlooked.

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Puppies and separation issues

It is often this time of year that we see many of you extend your fur families. The timing seems perfect. With leave from work and school commitments, you can spend the much needed time welcoming a new puppy into your family and establishing some

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Collecting Your Pets Urine Sample

As your pets healthcare provider, wee, poo, pus, and blood are some of the things we find interesting. However, we know that as a pet owner you probably don’t share this level of enthusiasm. Realistically, your pet’s urine should be tested at least

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Importance of vaccines

When you look into the innocent eyes of your pet, you want to believe that infectious diseases are a thing of the past. The reality is just not that simple. Without the protection that routine vaccinations give, killer diseases such as parvovirus

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Taking Your Cat To The Vet

You’re taking your cat to the vet. The appointment is booked for just under an hour. You know exactly where he is, and, (with no less than 3 scratches and one massive struggle, as predicted), you manage to get him into the cage.

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How to evaluate pet healthcare on the Web

When you think something’s wrong with your dog or cat, the first thing you do is Google the symptoms. Am I right? I bet I am. Studies show that three out of four people go to the Internet before calling their veterinarians or taking their pets to

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