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Grass Seeds


Grass seeds seem harmless, but the dangers of grass seeds to our pets are are often overlooked.

Grass seeds migrate under your pets skin and burrow their way between toes, in ears, nostrils, and eyes causing pain, infection, and tissue damage.


Finding grass seeds can be tricky, especially if it has made its way under your pets skin. Depending on how deep it has burrowed, your pet may require an anaesthetic or sedation to successfully remove it.


Signs of Grass Seeds


Pets may react differently depending upon the location and size of the seed.


Hair – there is often no sign of a problem other than some fur matting


Ear – your dog may shake their head, scratch at the ear, rub their ear on the floor, or tilt their head. Some pets may also react to you touching their ear


Eye – the eye may become red and inflamed, sometimes with discharge or tears


Nose – your dog will often sneeze, paw at their nose, and may result in some nasal discharge


Skin –  you may notice swelling around the seed and pain on touching the area. Your pet will often bite or rub at the area and may become lethargic or lose their appetite


What can I do to protect my pet?

Pets that spend more time outside, are at most risk. The best way to protect your pet from grass seeds, is to try and avoid them altogether; keep your lawn and the weeds in your yard short, and avoid walking your dogs in areas with long grass and visible grass seeds.


If you just can’t avoid them, physically check your dog over daily by running your fingers through their fur and checking in between the toes, inside the ears, mouth, and eyes.


If you suspect that your pet is having a problem due to a grass seed, call to book an appointment.


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