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Archie’s Surgery to Remove A Rock

Why did Archie need surgery? Archie is an active 12-month-old Border Collie with a history of eating unusual things. When he wasn’t interested in eating his dinner and seemed less active than usual, Archie’s owners began to worry.

On initial physical exam, Archie was quiet, his heart rate increased (tachycardia), and seemed very uncomfortable in his belly. Based on his history of eating rocks and what Dr. Chris was seeing in the consult, there was a worry that Archie may have an obstruction. He was admitted into hospital for blood tests and abdominal X-rays.

Luckily we now have the ability to run most blood tests in-house. This means we would get Archie’s results within 15-20 minutes. While his blood test was running, a series of abdominal images were taken to give us a complete picture of what was going on with Archie.

Archie’s blood tests showed he had an infection somewhere in the body, but it also showed he was fit to undergo an anaesthetic and surgery if needed. Which was important, because what we saw on his x-rays visibly showed the cause of all Archie’s issues. There, sitting in his anterior abdomen was a rock. Unmistakable, we had an answer. Archie would need surgery to remove the obstruction.

Archie’s surgery began and, internally his duodenum was bruised and inflamed, but fortunately, there was no further tissue damage. In a little over one hour, the rock was removed and the delicate surgery was complete. Keeping him on fluids and pain relief post-surgery, Archie recovered remarkably well. He was discharged that evening for home care and back the following morning to continue fluid therapy.

With good improvement from his surgery the day prior, we slowly reintroduced oral fluids and a recovery wet food. Archie would need a few days of strict rest, temperature monitoring and progress follow-ups, but he is one lucky pup!

Ten days after surgery, other than licking his wound a little, Archie has made a full recovery. We all remain hopeful that he stays clear of rocks in the future, but it’s never a guarantee. Some dogs just love to eat some strange and unusual things!


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