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3 Reasons Your Fur Baby Might Need to See a Vet for Pet Nutrition in Brooklyn Park


If your cat or dog is like most pets, feeding time is probably their most loved time of the entire day. The sound of dry kibble filling up a bowl or a can of cat food being opened is enough to grab any pet's attention.

Food is almost certainly one of your companion’s absolute favorite things, and it is only natural to want to spoil them. Unfortunately, though, overfeeding your four-legged best friend or providing an inappropriate diet could be devastating to their well being.

Scheduling an appointment with a Brooklyn Park pet nutrition expert is the very best way to guarantee that your pet consumes a nutritionally complete diet. Nutritional counseling is beneficial for all cat and dog owners, but in some circumstances, it is especially important. 


Your Pet Has Special Dietary Requirements

Like people, some cats and dogs suffer from health conditions that can limit what they can safely eat. If, for example, your pet has food allergies or sensitivities, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease, they may benefit from a therapeutic diet. A veterinarian who specialises in nutrition can help you choose or create a homemade or commercial diet that suits your dog or cat's requirements.


Your Dog or Cat Needs to Lose Weight

Pet obesity is a growing problem in Australia. Saying no to a cat or dog who is begging for treats is challenging, but overindulging your beloved pet can lead to serious health problems. Any excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your cat or dog's body. A veterinary nutritionist will develop a personalized weight loss plan to help your pet shed those extra pounds.


You Want to Learn More About Your Pet's Specific Nutritional Needs

Every dog and cat has unique dietary needs. As a result, there is no single diet that is appropriate for every animal. An expert in pet nutrition will help you gain a better understanding of your pet’s specific needs and help you choose pet food that meets or exceeds those requirements. 


Pet Nutrition in Brooklyn Park

If you need help meeting your four-legged best friend's nutritional needs, the loving staff right here at Pets Health Veterinary Practices is here to lend a hand. We provide professional nutrition counseling services and will help you get your furry best friend started on a nutritious diet that meets all of their needs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today.

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