At Hilton Vet Centre, we understand that your pet’s health and well-being are of utmost importance. For those requiring surgeries or specialised treatments, we extend our services to our trusted sister centre at O’Halloran Hill, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality care.

To make this process even more convenient, we are pleased to offer a dedicated pet transport service. This service is designed to ensure that your furry friends reach their appointments safely and comfortably, alleviating any concerns you might have about transportation.

Why Choose Our Pet Transport Service?

Safe and Comfortable Travel: Our transport vehicle is equipped to provide a safe, stress-free environment for your pet during their journey.

Professional Care: Our experienced team ensures your pet is well cared for throughout the trip, maintaining the high standards you expect.

Convenience: Scheduling transportation with us is simple, allowing you to focus on your pet’s recovery without the added stress of logistics.

How It Works

Booking: When your pet requires surgery at O’Halloran Hill, simply let us know if you require transport services.

Pick-Up: Our team will arrange a convenient time to pick up your pet from Hilton Vet Centre.

Transport: Your pet will be transported safely to our sister centre, where they will receive the necessary care.

Return: Once the procedure is complete and your pet is ready, we will bring them back to Hilton Vet Centre for you to pick up.

We ensure your pet’s journey to recovery is smooth and stress-free. For more details or to book our transport service, please contact us at 8352 7000.

What Our Clients Say About Our Surgery Transport Service:

“Seamless and Stress-Free!”
“The surgery transport service made a huge difference for us. Our dog needed surgery, and the transport from Hilton Vet Centre to O’Halloran Hill was seamless and stress-free. We knew our pet was in good hands the entire time.”
— Sarah L.

“Convenient and Reliable”
“The convenience of having our cat transported for surgery was fantastic. The team was professional and caring, and it made the whole process so much easier. Highly recommend this service!”
— Mike D.

“Excellent Care”
“Our pet’s surgery was a success, and the transport service played a big role in that. The team ensured our dog was comfortable and safe, providing excellent care from start to finish.”
— Emily R.

“Peace of Mind”
“Knowing that Hilton Vet Centre offers a transport service for surgeries gave us peace of mind. The staff was attentive and reassuring, and our pet received top-notch care at both locations.”
— James P.

Thank you to all our clients for their trust and positive feedback!