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Importance of vaccines

When you look into the innocent eyes of your pet, you want to believe that infectious diseases are a thing of the past. The reality is just not that simple. Without the protection that routine vaccinations give, killer diseases such as parvovirus

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Taking Your Cat To The Vet

You’re taking your cat to the vet. The appointment is booked for just under an hour. You know exactly where he is, and, (with no less than 3 scratches and one massive struggle, as predicted), you manage to get him into the cage.

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How to evaluate pet healthcare on the Web

When you think something’s wrong with your dog or cat, the first thing you do is Google the symptoms. Am I right? I bet I am. Studies show that three out of four people go to the Internet before calling their veterinarians or taking their pets to

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5 Health Problems Dog Owners Ignore (And Why You Need to Deal With Them Right Now)

People who know me, even a little bit, know I’m a detail-oriented person. I really do sweat the small stuff, and I think that’s a trait you want in a health care provider. When I’m examining a pet, I look at the small details as well as the big

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Heatstroke in dogs

Summer is finally here! Great news for celebrations, relaxation and social events… not so great for our fur-babies. Dogs left in hot cars create social media melt downs (pardon the pun) every summer in Australia. You have all heard at least one

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10 things to consider with boarding your pet

Moving house can be stressful and exhausting not just for humans but dogs as well. Our four-legged friends don’t understand why their environment is changing and this can be a little upsetting, leading to behavioral problems, such as barking and

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6 easy steps to keeping your pet healthy

There are a number of key steps that you can follow to give your pet the BEST chance of living a happy, healthy and long life. We know just how important these small things make to the lives of your pets, which is why we discuss them with you at

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Okay, now I know how this sounds, pet insurance for Christmas? But they can’t unwrap that! But if you think about, it is the gift that could really change your pets life. A toy might last a few weeks (or seconds in my household) but insurance will

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Puppy Classes

Nothing beats the innocence of a new puppy. Through their bright eyes and fluffy tails, they keep us laughing as they explore and learn new things, finding their way through what is right and what is wrong. It is what they learn during now that

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Free Puppy Preschool

A well-behaved puppy will bring many years of joy and many moments of laughter!

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