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New Dog and Cat Laws – South Australia

f you are a dog or cat owner, breeder or seller, changes to South Australia’s laws will affect you.

These changes, which include new requirements for microchipping, desexing and breeder registration, will take place from July 1st, 2018.

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Accell Therapy For Pets

Accell Therapy is a unique treatment which utilises Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT), a medically proven system that has been helping human conditions since 1949.

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Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

In short – YES! Chocolate is bad for dogs.

I know you have heard this statement before, so you’ve landed on this page to either win an argument with a mate or your pet has just gotten into your stash and you want to know more. Either way, here is

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Toxic Plants for Pets

You probably know that some plants are toxic to pets. But do you know just how many?
There is nothing better than a home bursting with colour. For garden enthusiasts, planting new season bulbs and seedlings is what it’s all about. However, we often

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Harvey’s Troubles

Harvey has experienced more in six months then most pets do in a lifetime! The first time we met Harvey, he was rushed in by his owner after he was attacked by a large dog. Horrifically, the other dog (three times little Harvey’s size) picked him

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“Anaesthesia Free” Pet Dental

Anaesthesia free dentistry has become much more common in the past few years, with many pet stores, groomers and roving technicians racking up big business from the cosmetic trend. As much as it seems ideal to avoid the concept of an anaesthetic for

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Pet dental care: 7 steps to healthy teeth

“Lifting the lid” on my pets dental care comes naturally to me. Pop into my place on a weekend and you will no doubt catch me checking my pet’s mouth out at some point. “GROSS!” I hear you say, but did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats

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Is It Cancer?

As your dog gets older, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll find a lump on them at some point. It’s understandable that your initial reaction may be to think the lump is cancer. So what should you know? And how can you tell which ones may be more

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Feline Asthma – What is it?

A few months back as I listened to my cat, Bumblebee, hack up what I thought was another furball, something didn’t seem right. As I watched him seemingly cough and gag for about 10 minutes, I wondered if it was more than I thought. With a deep

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Archie’s Surgery to Remove A Rock

Why did Archie need surgery? Archie is an active 12-month-old Border Collie with a history of eating unusual things. When he wasn’t interested in eating his dinner and seemed less active than usual, Archie’s owners began to worry.

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