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Signs Your Pet Needs a Pet Dentist in Happy Valley

As a pet parent, you need to consider your pet’s general health needs to keep them fit, healthy, and happy. Their oral health should also fall in your concerns as it impacts the overall health and well-being of your furry friend. Your pets can develop many diseases due to poor oral health or diseases. In any case, oral problems are not a good sign, and you need to take them to a pet dentist in Happy Valley.

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My pet has been diagnosed with CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE

What is chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney disease is an illness seen most commonly in older pets but can develop at any age. When your pet has kidney disease it means the kidneys are not working as efficiently as they used...
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What is Cushing's Disease

Simply, Cushing's Disease is a disease in which the adrenal glands overproduce certain hormones. The correct medical term for this disease is hyperadrenocorticism. The adrenal glands produce several vital substances that regulate a variety of body functions and are necessary to...
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Heartworm in Dogs

How Do Dogs Get Heartworm? Mosquitoes. The heartworm cycle begins when a mosquito bites an infected dog. The mosquito ingests the blood containing tiny larvae, called microfilariae, and develops the larvae further. The mosquito then deposits the now-infected larvae into another...
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Veterinarian Flagstaff Hill

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. Your dog or cat depends on you for all of their needs, so it is up to you to ensure that they eat a healthy diet, get plenty of daily exercise, and see...
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There's something wrong in ear!

If you think your pet has smelly, dirty or red ears it is time for a check up with us. Ear infections are very common and it's important that we visualise the canal and make sure your pet is not in...
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Animal Hospital Brooklyn Park

Caring for dogs and cats as lifelong companions is a pretty big responsibility. As a pet parent, you are solely responsible for ensuring that their needs are met. You have to provide high-quality food and plenty of exercise, lots of love,...
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Pet Clinic Reynella

Being a great pet parent is about much more than providing lots of yummy treats and plenty of snuggles. Dogs and cats also need regular veterinary care to ensure that they live long, healthy, and happy lives. Choosing the right vet...
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Pets and Bee Stings

Bee and wasp stings can be painful and very dangerous to our pets. Stings can be fatal if your pet has an allergic reaction, is stung in the mouth or stung multiple times. Facial swelling is the common presentation of bee...
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Itchy Pets

One of the most frustrating conditions for pet owners (particularly in the warmer months) is having a pet with a persistent itch. Why? Because an itchy pet is often not an easy fix! Many conditions can cause your pet to itch....
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03 November 2017
Desex or not desex, that is the question! Desexing is one of the most important and beneficial thing...
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03 November 2017
We understand why you would be hesitant in desexing your male dog, and why this conversation may be ...
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21 December 2017
Meg knows all about pancreatitis in dogs! Meg is normally a very bright active 7-year-old Australian...
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06 May 2019
OVERVIEW Desexing is the surgical sterilisation of dogs to prevent them from having puppies. It is a...
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10 February 2020
How Do Dogs Get Heartworm? Mosquitoes. The heartworm cycle begins when a mosquito bites an infected ...
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