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Caring for your senior pet

So your pet is getting on in years, what happens now? When your pet reaches a certain age, things start to get a little harder for them. Our job is to make things easier, and below are some ways to help...
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Heart Murmurs

Help! My pet was diagnosed with a heart Murmur! What does it mean? In this article, we will answer the following questions for you! What is a Heart Murmur?What causes a heart murmur?How do we find out if a murmur is...
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Understanding Odd Cat Behaviours: Tips from a Veterinarian near Brooklyn Park

You do not need to be a cat expert to know that the furry little creatures sometimes exhibit truly odd behaviours. From chattering at birds to finding the absolute smallest spots to tuck themselves into, cats are always doing something to...
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3 Reasons Your Fur Baby Might Need to See a Vet for Pet Nutrition in Brooklyn Park

If your cat or dog is like most pets, feeding time is probably their most loved time of the entire day. The sound of dry kibble filling up a bowl or a can of cat food being opened is enough to grab any pet's attention.

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Stress in Cats: Signs and Treatments

 As we near the end of 2020, it is easy to look back at the roller coaster of challenges, changes, and uncertainty the year has bought, often overshadowing the unexpected gains that come with spending more time at home.

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Grass Seed Season

Gardening season? More like grass seed season for our furry family members.

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What causes ear infections?

There are many reasons why our pet’s ears become inflamed.  Here are a few commonly seen causes.

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Managing bad breath in pets

Halitosis, also called bad breath, is described as an offensive odour originating from the mouth of our pets. Bad breath is a very common reason pet owners bring their pets in to see us at the vet clinic. Common causes may be related to the mouth or, occasionally, related to other more systemic health problems.

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Senior Pet Care in Happy Valley: What You Need to Know

Just like people, pets often experience a wide range of health issues as they get older. As their bodies begin to break down, they may experience everything from arthritis to oral infections to conditions like cancer. Without proper care, a pet’s...
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Vomiting and diarrhoea and when to see us

Vomiting and diarrhoea are two words most people don't want to talk about, let alone have to deal with when it comes to their pet. Thankfully, we have a summary of what you need to know so you don't have to...
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03 November 2017
Desex or not desex, that is the question! Desexing is one of the most important and beneficial thing...
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03 November 2017
We understand why you would be hesitant in desexing your male dog, and why this conversation may be ...
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21 December 2017
Meg knows all about pancreatitis in dogs! Meg is normally a very bright active 7-year-old Australian...
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06 May 2019
OVERVIEW Desexing is the surgical sterilisation of dogs to prevent them from having puppies. It is a...
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10 February 2020
How Do Dogs Get Heartworm? Mosquitoes. The heartworm cycle begins when a mosquito bites an infected ...
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