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Heartworm in Dogs

How Do Dogs Get Heartworm? Mosquitoes. The heartworm cycle begins when a mosquito bites an infected ...
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Veterinarian Flagstaff Hill

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. Your dog or cat depends on you for all of their needs, so...
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There's something wrong in ear!

If you think your pet has smelly, dirty or red ears it is time for a check up with us. Ear infection...
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Animal Hospital Brooklyn Park

Caring for dogs and cats as lifelong companions is a pretty big responsibility. As a pet parent, you...
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Pet Clinic Reynella

Being a great pet parent is about much more than providing lots of yummy treats and plenty of snuggl...

So what should you be feeding your pet? The answer to that question is easy: a diet recommended by us! When it comes to nutrition, we are able

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Pets and Bee Stings

Bee and wasp stings can be painful and very dangerous to our pets. Stings can be fatal if your pet h...
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Itchy Pets

One of the most frustrating conditions for pet owners (particularly in the warmer months) is having ...
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Snake Bites & Pets

Thankfully, with an increase in media attention, pet owners are more aware now than they ever were w...
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Halloween Safety For Pets

Imagine you are on coffee number 6. Your nerves are already a little twitchy when someone sneaks up ...
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Pet Vaccinations Torrensville

As a pet parent, you are responsible for taking steps to ensure the long-term health and well-being ...
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Pets Health is a full service animal hospital with clinics located in Hilton and O’Halloran Hill. We are dedicated to helping you keep your best mate happy and healthy through each stage of their life with compassionate and reassuring veterinary care.

Free Puppy Preschool

A well-behaved puppy will bring many years of joy and many moments of laughter!

O’Halloran Hill Vet Centre

123 Main South Road
O’Halloran Hill, SA 5158

Hilton Vet Centre

142 Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Hilton, SA 5033