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Spring Allergies in Pets: Info from a Vet in Hilton


It’s not just humans who suffer from allergies. Dogs and cats can experience allergic reactions, too, but their symptoms usually are not the same as ours. While you may spend most of your spring sneezing, sniffling, and coughing, your precious pet is more likely to experience itchy skin and red eyes. At Pet’s Health Veterinary Practices, we are here to help your furry friend with their allergies (or any other issues they may have!). Keep reading to learn a bit more about spring allergies in pets from a trusted vet in Hilton. 


Common Springtime Allergens

At this time of year, allergens are everywhere. In pets, some of the most common culprits for allergic reactions in the spring are plants, pollen, and insect bites and stings. Pollen commonly causes itchy skin and red, watery eyes in dogs. And plants like tradescantia zebrina can cause rashes and skin irritation. Some pets are even sensitive to various types of grass. 

Fleas, ants, and dust mites can cause allergic reactions, too. During warmer weather, flea allergy dermatitis is a common problem among cats and dogs and cause lead to severe skin issues. We recommend keeping your pet on an effective flea treatment throughout the year to protect them from these pesky parasites. 

Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

Excessive licking and scratching are the most common signs of allergies in pets. Pay especially close attention if your pet is scratching or chewing their belly, paws, or ears. Additional symptoms of allergies in pets include: 

  • Watery eyes
  • Respiratory congestion
  • Hair loss
  • Ear infections
  • Shaking of the head
  • Digestive problems

Seeing a Vet in Hilton for Pet Allergies

If your pet has allergies, we can help. As your vet in Hilton, we will get to the root of what’s causing your pet’s symptoms and help you find the right solution. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment. 


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