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Senior Pet Care in Happy Valley: What You Need to Know


Just like people, pets often experience a wide range of health issues as they get older. As their bodies begin to break down, they may experience everything from arthritis to oral infections to conditions like cancer. Without proper care, a pet’s golden years may be filled with discomfort and pain. Fortunately, Pets Health Veterinary Practices is here to provide senior pet care in Happy Valley. 

If you have an older dog or cat, here are a few things you should know about senior pet care. 



Regular Health Checks Are Vital

In older animals, regular health checks provide an opportunity to detect and treat disease before it becomes serious. When you bring your pet in for regular exams, we’ll look for signs of common conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. We’ll also help you understand what symptoms you should watch out for. In addition, our veterinarians will ensure that your companion is parasite-free and up-to-date on appropriate vaccinations. 

Dental Problems Are Common in Senior Pets

While pets of all ages need dental care, it is especially important for older dogs and cats. Gumline infections are common in senior pets, and they can be difficult to spot. Without proper treatment, these infections can make their way into the bloodstream and affect other parts of your pet’s body, including their heart and kidneys. 

Senior Pets Have Different Dietary Needs

As your pet gets older, it may be difficult to keep them at a healthy weight. Due to decreased energy levels, they may gain weight. Or they could lose weight due to tooth pain or other problems. When you bring your dog in for senior pet care, we will help you better understand their dietary needs. 

Senior Pet Care in Happy Valley

With appropriate senior pet care, you can help your pet’s later years be the best years of their life. For senior pet care in Happy Valley, choose Pets Health Veterinary Practices. Contact us today to schedule your companion’s appointment


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