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Kylo and The Missing Sock – Vet Adventure

After spending the night at the emergency vet, Kylo was brought to us for further tests and observation. Kylo is a cheeky 5-month-old Golden Retriever. When he started vomiting after eating, Kylo’s dad knew something wasn’t right. What happened while Kylo was under observation, left us stunned, but also cheering.

When initial X-rays, conducted at the emergency vet, couldn’t confirm a foreign body obstruction, Kylo was placed onto IV Fluids and closely monitored. When Kylo was presented to us he was still very quiet, flat and not his usual bouncy self. There could be a number of reasons for Kylo’s symptoms, but we wouldn’t be able to tell until more tests were run.

Putting Kylo back onto IV Fluids he was then placed in an observation cage. The plan was to repeat blood tests, conduct further imaging of his abdomen and keep him as comfortable as possible.

During his second hourly inpatient check, vet student Emily took Kylo out for a wee walk. When he returned, before Emily could even latch his cage, we all heard an almighty stomach gurgling heave.

You would never guess what poor Kylo vomited? It was an entire male sock! We were all shocked, but very elated, at what we had just witnessed. Knowing that Kylo would definitely be feeling better getting it out, we just hoped it’s pair was not still causing an obstruction.

To ensure Kylo was out of danger, we needed to take some images of his abdomen. We could see small amounts of gas passing through the gastrointestinal tract and no obvious signs of further obstruction.

Looking rather pleased with himself, he was discharged that night for home-care monitoring. When Kylo returned for his recheck the following morning, he was far more active than the day before. With a comfortable and relaxed tummy, normal temperature and bright demeanour, he was given the all clear to continue at-home monitoring. With instructions to feed small frequent meals (and to stay away from socks) Kylo evaded an intensive surgery and weeks of aftercare. He was one lucky boy!


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