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Kona – A Client’s Tale

“This is a story of our beautiful 12-year-old chocolate Labrador named Kona.

On Australia day this year (of course, it was a public holiday when our normal vet was closed!), we were at home when Kona collapsed on to her left side. She got up again and then started to do, what we refer to as, a ‘drunken walk’ where she was leaning to her left. This worried us, so we put her in the car and went to the emergency hospital on Anzac Highway. By the time she was seen she had recovered! However, during the consultation, the vet noticed some pain when touching her back and thought it might have been the start of arthritis. We were sent home with some pain relief medication, which seemed to improve her condition.

Two weeks later she was back at the emergency centre on a Saturday afternoon (once again, after Hilton vet had closed), as she was not very mobile during the day. After another consultation, they felt that her spine was still painful to touch and that her back legs were a little tender (possible ACL damage). We once again brought her home with pain relief and instructions to follow up with Dr. Karen at Hilton (our usual vet).

A few days after our second emergency visit, we went to see Dr. Karen at Hilton, and Kona stayed for some x-rays. Dr. Karen later called to say the x-rays were clear in regards to no ACL damage – just a bit of arthritis in her spine which was great news!

However, they did pick up a shadow on the x-ray which was a concern to Dr. Karen. Not knowing what it was, it was suggested abdominal surgery be performed to explore what this shadow could be. On arrival later that evening, to pick Kona up, we were told that the object was 3 coins that had fused together (she had swallowed coins as a young puppy, but had never had surgery to remove them). Can you imagine she went in just for routine arthritis x-rays but ended up having surgery to remove some coins! At 12 years-of-age she is still getting into mischief!

After recovering from surgery we then had to concentrate on arthritis in her spine. She had pain relief for 8 weeks which did help. After this period we decided to give the tables a break and rather than injecting her with more pain relief, Dr. Karen suggested we use a new service called the Accell Therapy Mat.

We have just completed a six-week course of this therapy met and it has been successful in reducing her pain and she definitely has a spring back in her step! We are now going to wait a month until her next check and discuss with Dr. Karen what her next course of action will be in keeping Kona’s pain to a minimum. We understand that her arthritis is something that will be ongoing, but would like to avoid medication if we can!

Our beautiful dog is very much a part of the family and we wish to thank Dr. Karen and all the staff at Hilton Vet Centre (especially Nurse Tara & Nurse Jenna – who sat with Kona whilst having her mat sessions and feed her lots of treats), for all their guidance to us and all the love they have given our presious Kona.”


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