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Is My Cat Sick?


Recent surveys have shown that cat visits to the veterinarian are going down while easily preventable diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism, are on the rise.

All cats need preventive care examinations, to verify that they are healthy and not harbouring some hidden illness. It is very difficult to tell when a cat is sick or hurting, so when owners are unaware of what to look for, they may be missing vital clues that their cat is not feeling well. One of the easiest ways to ensure your new cat is healthy is to take it to the veterinarian immediately after adoption and then twice a year for a wellness exam.


To help you care for your cat, here are 10 clues that your feline-friend may need to see us immediately:

  1. Changes in Interaction: If your cat is generally independent and suddenly turns into your shadow, or the reverse, it may be because your cat isn’t feeling
  2. Changes in Activity: A change in daily routine or in your cats activity level could be an indication that your cat isn’t well or has a medical condition like arthritis.
  3. Changes in Chewing or Eating Habits: An increase in consumption may be a sign of diabetes or hyperthyroidism, while a decrease may point to dental problems or even cancer.
  4. Changes in Water Intake: Drinking more or less water may be a sign of a health problem such as kidney disease or diabetes.
  5. Unexpected Weight Loss or Weight Gain: Weight doesn’t always go up or down with a change in appetite. There are disorders that cause weight loss or gain even without a change in food consumption.
  6. Bad Breath: Dental disease, kidney disease, and digestive disorders can all lead to halitosis in cats.
  7. Changes in Grooming Habits: Your cat works hard to look its best, which is why if you notice your cat being less fastidious than it usually is, it may be a sign that your cat has dental disease or arthritis.
  8. Changes in Sleeping Habits: An increase or decrease in the amount of sleep your cat gets, or a change in sleeping habits, all indicate that your cat may not be feeling its best.
  9. Changes in Vocalisation: If your cat starts talking to you more than usual or suddenly becomes very quiet, it may be because of a medical condition. Anxiety, feline cognitive dysfunction, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism are all reasons behind a change in vocalisation
  10. Signs of Stress: Cats like routine and a stable environment and are prone to stress-related illness. Anxiety can cause cats to exhibit behavioural changes (like eliminating outside of the litter box) as well as physical changes.

If you notice a change in any of these signs, please call us ASAP.




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