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Dr Delisa Appleton BVSc (Hons) PhD – Senior Technical Services Veterinarian, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

It’s easy for humans to notice signs of ageing in themselves – a few more wrinkles, a bit creaky in the morning. However pet owners don’t always recognise the signs of ageing in their pets.

The global pet population is ageing and pets are living longer. In Australia 37% of dogs and 44% of cats are over 7 years of age, however globally, on average only 1 in 5 owners of older cats and 1 in 4 owners of older dogs are feeding an age appropriate food.

Why is this? There are probably a few reasons. Owners may not realise that there are distinct differences in the nutritional needs of pets as they age. Also, because changes associated with ageing occur gradually and can be quite subtle, owners may not be aware that their pet is getting older.

Even though pets may not be showing outward signs of ageing, inside, in every cell in the body, ageing is occurring. With advancing age there is an increased risk of many age-related complications and disorders. A particularly important issue is the impact age has on the brain, with effects on thinking, learning, memory and social interactions. This can lead to behavioural changes in dogs and cats that pet owners may notice, but not realise are due to ageing.

So how does Youthful Vitality work? All Hill’s™ Science Diet™ senior foods, including Youthful Vitality, contain a clinically proven antioxidant blend of vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium. Youthful Vitality contains an additional powerful antioxidant package, derived from fruits, vegetables, herbal extracts and natural flavours, specifically designed to support and help maintain healthy brain function. This powerful antioxidant package helps to counter the free radicals that lead to ageing in every cell.

Youthful Vitality contains high quality protein from chicken and egg, with balanced levels of amino acids to support muscles, as well as added L-carnitine to help the body convert nutrients into energy. Easy to digest ingredients promote healthy digestion, while controlled levels of phosphorous and sodium (salt) protect kidney, heart and urinary tract health. The high quality protein, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals in Youthful Vitality all help support a healthy skin and coat in older pets.

So as you can see, although Youthful Vitality has nutrients to support and maintain brain function, it’s more than just brain food! The nutritional technology in Youthful Vitality is designed to protect cells from ageing, support healthy organ function, help older pets get the energy they need for an active life and make their outward appearance as healthy as they are on the inside. And best of all, Youthful Vitality has the technology to fight ageing where it starts, at the cellular level.

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