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If you have cats like mine, the sound of a scrunched up piece of paper is enough to send them into a feline frenzy. But why should they have all the fun? Here is a list of fun games that will keep you both amused for hours:


Cat Hockey - Find a room with hardwood, tiles, or floating floors. Break off about a 20cm square piece of aluminium foil and scrunch it up into a hockey puck. (Please remember that foil balls should always be thrown away at the end of the game. They are fine for games, but are not safe for unsupervised play). Show your cat the puck and then flick it with your fingers so that it goes skittering across the floor. Your cat will then chase after it, batting it around from one end of the room to the other. When your cat starts to lose interest in the game, pick up the puck and give it another flick.


Bathtub Scramble -  In a clean, dry bathtub, (free from shampoo, bars of soap etc), plug up the drain and place a ping pong ball in it. Place your cat in the bathtub, and begin bouncing the ball off the sides. Your feline friend should start chasing madly after it. When the ball starts to slow down, give it a good flick to get it moving again.


Thing on the String - My cat loves this game so much she even gets a feline grumble going!.... Get creative! Use an aluminium foil ball, ping pong ball with a hole in it or a catnip mouse, and tie it to a meter long piece of ribbon or heavy string. (Please remember that foil balls, ribbon and string should always be thrown away at the end of the game. They are fine for games, but are not safe for unsupervised play) Pull the string along the floor, over the furniture, in the air and let your cat chase after it. Let your cat catch the object every once in awhile so they feel like a successful predator.


Wall Shadows - The best part about this game is you can use almost anything to make a shiny ball of interest for your cat. Turn off the lights in the evening and shine a touch, laser pointer, iPad screen, mobile phone or anything the eliminates light onto a nearby wall. MORE Usually this light will be enough to create interest, but you can get fancy and dangle cat toys or other small objects in the light so their shadows race up and down the wall. Your cat will leap and bound up at the wall trying to catch the elusive prey.


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