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6 Things to Remember about Pets and Halloween


Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike, but have you ever spared a thought for how your pet feels about this?

As a pet owner, you know your pet best, but there are some things to consider for your pet's safety during this time. 

  • Continual door knocking or bell ringing and people at the door (in costume, no less!) can be stressful for a pet. Some pets may experience stress-related diarrhoea or potentially injure themselves if contained. Keep your pet in a quiet, familiar and safe place on Halloween night.
  • Strangers in costume - some animals may become unexpectedly aggressive or fearful, even normally friendly pets.
  • Candles and Jack-O'-Lanterns within a pet's range are a fire hazard. Wagging tails and frightened cats zooming through the house can easily tip over a candle or carved pumpkin, causing burns or starting a fire.
  • Keep pets indoors on Halloween night, especially black cats. As horrible as it seems, animals are at risk by some Halloween pranksters.
  • Chocolate, Lollies and toys - For many of us, Halloween means lots of lollies! And just like us, many of our pets have a sweet tooth too. Make sure you educate children why not to share their goodies with the family pet.
  • Pets and Costumes - Some pets, if left alone, may chew up the costume and ingest material, cotton, and accessories. This could cause intestinal obstruction making your pet very ill and on the not so rare occasion, removal by emergency surgery.

With a little preparation and some common sense, Halloween can be fun for the entire family. So all you need to decide now is, will be 'Trick or Treat?

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.


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