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6 easy steps to keeping your pet healthy


There are a number of key steps that you can follow to give your pet the BEST chance of living a happy, healthy and long life. We know just how important these small things make to the lives of your pets, which is why we discuss them with you at your pets physical exam, every 6 months.

To maximise your pet’s health and happiness follow these steps:

Health check and annual vaccinations: We will check your pet from head to paw to ensure all is well. Routine blood tests also ensure problems are detected early and management of potential diseases treated accordingly

Parasite control: Worms and fleas can cause severe illness in children, adults and pets. Regular prevention is a super important part of pet care. If you are using a supermarket product be aware, not all preventions are the same

Heartworm Control: Heartworm kills but prevention is easy. Both dogs and cats can contract this fatal disease. An annual injection is available for dogs and Advocate is our recommendation for cats

Teeth and Gums: Dental disease is painful, can cause infections in major organs such as the heart and kidneys and will shorten your pets life. Although very common, it can be controlled easily

Diet: Feeding your pet the best nutrition available will mean a healthier, happier pet that will live longer. We trust and know that Royal Canin is the best pet food available. AND, can be up to 50% cheaper than supermarket foods!

Pet Insurance: A must for any pet owner. Pet insurance can cover 80% of all eligible vet bills. Why risk it?


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