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Senior Pet Care Near Richmond

Watching our pets age can be tough for owners. A formerly rambunctious pup can start slowing down while a previously curious kitty may consider naps a much better use of their time more often than before. While these signs of aging are often

Cat Play

If you have cats like mine, the sound of a scrunched up piece of paper is enough to send them into a feline frenzy. But why should they have all the fun? Here is a list of fun games that will keep you both amused for hours:


Cat Hockey - Find

Grass Seeds

Grass seeds seem harmless, but the dangers of grass seeds to our pets are are often overlooked.

Grass seeds migrate under your pets skin and burrow their way between toes, in ears, nostrils, and eyes causing pain, infection, and tissue

Heatstroke in Dogs

As the weather heats up, news of dogs being left in hot cars create social media meltdowns (pardon the pun). But did you know, that dogs can suffer the effects of heat anywhere and at any time, particularly certain breeds?

Unlike humans dogs

Pets Health is a full service animal hospital with clinics located in Hilton and O’Halloran Hill. We are dedicated to helping you keep your best mate happy and healthy through each stage of their life.

Free Puppy Preschool

A well-behaved puppy will bring many years of joy and many moments of laughter!

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